A leading sports management, business, and media agency.


Paradigm Sports stands as one of the foremost sports management agencies globally.

Distinguished by its distinctive business model, Paradigm Sports extends far beyond traditional athlete management. The agency actively engages in diverse business ventures, exemplified by its association with Proper Twelve Whiskey, establishes robust partnerships with prominent consumer brands such as Reebok, EA, MLS, and UFC, and continually expands its roster of athletes across various sports.



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Marketing, sales and brand


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Paradigm Sports enlisted my expertise to oversee a dynamic creative, marketing, and sales pipeline. I played a pivotal role in managing a spectrum of responsibilities, including core branding, sponsorship sales, creation of signing incentive materials, product development, and implementation of digital marketing strategies on behalf of the agency's portfolio athletes.


Jeff is a multidisciplinary digital product & brand consultant, working at the convergence of business strategy, brand, digital and content.