Next-gen rewards & loyalty powered by blockchain.


MetaFlyers connects web3 (and web2) consumers, communities, and brands through a frictionless and decentralized rewards ecosystem.

A new experience powered by Web3 technology that will offer consumers the opportunity to claim digital offers that will unlock access to new era of rewards, benefits and immersive experiences.

Metaflyers is one of the first companies to integrate non-fungible tokens (NFTs) with an industry-leading rewards program at scale, while creating a digital marketplace that will enable new ways for Brands to engage with its customers and its partners. Starting March 1st 2024, customers and digital communities can join the waitlist for a chance to be among the first to receive access to the Metaflyers experience, which will launch later this year.



Marketplace, ecommerce




Commerce, Rewards, Blockchain

First of it's kind tokenized rewards marketplace.

Beyond facilitating brand campaigns, MetaFlyers has established a marketplace empowering users to sell, trade, or gift various rewards, from airline miles to coupons.


Turnkey benefits for web3 (and web2) community members, asset holders and enthusiasts.


Seamless and interactive loyalty and rewards solutions for consumer brands. Invest in the customer, not the ad platform.


MetaFlyers Set to Revolutionize The Rewards & Loyalty Space

"...MetaFlyers tackles the most important issue with loyalty programs of today: ownership. After earning the rewards, the users can own, gift, redeem or sell them to others with little to no limitations. To claim the rewards, members have to hold $FEWL - a utility-based token that fuels the MetaFlyers platform. The only way to get $FEWL at the moment is by minting an NFT from the MetaFlyers’ collection..."