A global leader in the financial services industry.


Luxury Card is a global technology, marketing and services company offering three world-class, premium credit cards— Mastercard® Gold Card™, Mastercard® Black Card™, and Mastercard® Titanium Card™—each with a distinctive, patented metal card design and construction.


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Global Head of Brand, Design


Brand, Design & Product


From an idea to an industry leader in the premium financial services and payment industry.

After my roles at Buy.com and Rakuten, I collaborated with the founder of Buy.com to embark on his next venture, Luxury Card, initially launched as "Visa Black Card." As a foundational team member from day one, I played a pivotal role in shaping the visual identity, product development, and experiential design. I contributed significantly to the creation of the brand, steering the company's evolution from its inception to its expansion into markets such as Japan, China, and beyond.

Across a six-year period, the organization underwent a transformative journey, emerging as the widely recognized Luxury Card brand. Throughout my tenure, I actively participated in every significant initiative, contributing to the development of the brand and the creation of products and services that millions of consumers engaged with—whether through the card in their wallets, mobile apps, or commercials featured during high-profile events like the NBA championship.


Introducing Luxury Card, the credit card for people with more money than sense

"...No, the kind of consumption deemed "conspicuous" is the buying of expensive things just to show off — to demonstrate that you can buy expensive things — rather than because you actually need those things.I thought of that when I opened my mail the other day. Among the utility bills, Lands' End catalogues and David Trone-for-Congress fliers was a solicitation for a new credit card. And not just any credit card, a luxury card."

Luxury Card Receives New Patent for Its Gold-Plated MasterCard® Gold Card™

"Luxury Card recently received a patent for its Gold-Plated MasterCard Gold Card—the top tier Luxury Card product in the three-card suite (US Patents, 9,466,019, D748,725 and D761,356). Each MasterCard Gold Card is plated with gold during the production process.  Offering a comprehensive collection of VIP benefits—from industry-leading airfare and cash back redemption programs, to dedicated Luxury Card Concierge­™ access —the MasterCard Gold Card delivers an aesthetic weight to complement the status of the Luxury Card customer."