The digital platform for transportation construction.


HaulHub develops a platform for heavy construction companies that powers transportation and digital ticketing for producers and contractors.

HaulHub’s DOT e-Ticketing™ Software is a comprehensive e-Ticketing solution specifically designed for Transportation Agencies to digitally manage and track construction materials delivered to their construction projects.

DOT e-Ticketing™ streamlines the e-Ticketing process by securely acquiring real-time ticketing data directly from the asphalt, ready-mix, or aggregate supplier’s loadout software. Departments using DOT e-Ticketing™ and AASHTOWare Project benefit from the seamless integration of approved construction material quantities formatted into daily work report records, paving the way for a more seamless and automated inspection process.


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Lead UX, Design & Brand


Brand, Product & Marketing


"HaulHub Raises $30 Million to Expand Its Transportation Platform"

The HaulHub team boasts extensive success in the construction industry, highlighted by a well-received launch of their initial offering. Subsequently, the founding team secured an impressive $30 million in Series A funding. Post-funding, the team strategically assembled a group of seasoned digital product experts to elevate HaulHub's capabilities. I joined the HaulHub team as a consultant specializing in brand and digital products, contributing to the next phase of the company's growth.

Within HaulHub, I collaborate with the executive team to pinpoint opportunities and deploy strategic design solutions aimed at enhancing efficiencies and streamlining workflows within the heavy construction industry. Additionally, I play a pivotal role in driving brand development and supporting key initiatives in sales, contributing to the overall success and advancement of the company.


"HaulHub helps run heavy construction logistics operations at the touch of a button"

Leading the development of new products at HaulHub has resulted in remarkable innovations within the heavy construction industry. By harnessing cutting-edge technology, artificial intelligence, and modern design solutions, we have crafted products poised to revolutionize the dynamics of business interactions among state agencies and all the important stakeholders involved in the construction of the roads you travel every day.